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Hosted at: http://www.physicsgames.net

Build Bridges, Help your Friends.

Hosted at: http://www.freewebarcade.com

Competitive Castle Building

Hosted at: http://funkyland.jp/

It's opening day at the Escape Cake Cafe!

Hosted at: http://www.digyourowngrave.com/

Hex Empire is a turn-based strategy game similar to Risk, but without the dice.

Hosted at: http://www.amajeto.com/

Jigsaw Puzzle Escape games are just as the name would suggest ... escape games with a jigsaw theme.

Hosted at: http://www.monkeyhappy.com/

"Make the Monkey Happy" by solving puzzles.

Hosted at: http://www.tomolasido.net/

Open a can of ... something

Hosted at: http://www.bontegames.com/

A sweet relaxing game against gravity.

Hosted at: http://www.mildescape.com/

Where checking out is easier that checking in.

Hosted at: http://www.abroy.com

Help amnesiac people find their homes.

Game Gallery is a growing collection games that deserve special recognition. Escape Games, Puzzle Games, and Games of Strategy are my favorites, but you might find a few others here. When allowed, I will link the picture to the full screen game, and the "Hosted At" link to the website where the game is listed. I am certain site owners will appreciate clicking on an ad or two while you're there.

All games listed here merely point to content that exists on other servers, outside of this site's realm of control or responsibility. In other words: Click at your own risk, or don't click at all. However, if you find that a link no longer points to the intended content, feel free to report the problem to admin@xexus.us, and I'll either fix or remove the link.