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These Are The Games I Play

Strategy Strategy
In hard mode, enemies will team up and head straight for your capitol city, often leaving their flanks venerable.

Hex Empire is a turn-based strategy game similar to Risk, but without the dice. Pick a capitol city for your country, raise some armies, and take out the other three kingdoms before they get you.

There are literally a million possible maps to choose from, with three levels of play, and four different countries to start from.

The game is certainly simple enough to play without a requiring a primer, but if you do want to know the rules by which the numbers churn, it's all laid out nice and pretty in the help pages.

Physics Physics

Other games in the Sugar Sugar saga include:
Sugar, Sugar 2
Sugar, Sugar 3
Sugar, Sugar. the Christmas special

This game comes from one of my favorite game designers, Bart Bonte.

Simply draw lines to guide tiny sugar crystal to various coffee cups. What could be easier?

Escape Escape
  • Some items can be combined
  • Most games will not require an ability to read Japanese, Thief M is a minor exception, but it wont hamper your solving ablilities.
  • Use the browsers "Ctrl +" if you want to make the viewing area bigger
  • Escape Cake Cafe is the latest escape game from funkyland.jp, a Japanese site that hosts a great number of escape games that are as beautifully designed as they are fun to play. Find clues, solve puzzles, and make your way through the exit.

    Here's a list of games I've played on the site so far.

    Girls Rooms
    Candy Rooms
    Alice House 1
    Alice House 2
    Fruit Kitchens
    Theif M Collection

    Escape Escape
  • If you leave the room before finding the Happy Coin, it's too late to go back and get it. The final end sequence is different depending on if you find the Happy Coin.
  • Oh how I love the Tesshi-e escape games! Beautiful designs and clever puzzles make this one of my favorite escape game sites. You can find over 100 different rooms to escape from at MildEscape.com. The latter half of the list has an option for English, and most games allow you to save your progress, in case you can't solve it all in one sitting.

    Many of the latter games have a second objective which is to find the "Happy Coin".

    Escape Escape
  • If you find the the game window a little small for your eyes, press "Ctrl +" to zoom in. "Ctrl -" makes the screen smaller, and "Ctrl 0" put the screen back to the default size.
  • Jigsaw Puzzle Escape games are just as the title suggests ... a fun escape game that includes solving a few simple jigsaw puzzles. There are currently five puzzles from www.amajeto.com on their site. Try to solve them all!

    Jigsaw Puzzle Escape 1
    Jigsaw Puzzle Escape 2
    Jigsaw Puzzle Escape 3
    Jigsaw New Year
    Spring Room Escape

    Game Gallery

    Escape Cake Cafe
    The Escape Hotel 3
    Jigsaw Puzzle Escape
    Sugar Sugar
    Hex Empire

    Game Gallery is a growing collection games that deserve special recognition. Escape Games, Puzzle Games, and Games of Strategy are my favorites, but you might find a few others here. When allowed, I will link the picture to the full screen game, and the "Hosted At" link to the website where the game is listed. I am certain site owners will appreciate clicking on an ad or two while you're there.

    Remember that all games listed here merely point to content that exists on other servers, outside of Xexus.Online's realm of control or responsibility. In other words: Click at your own risk, or don't click at all. However, if you find that a link no longer points to the intended content, feel free to report the problem to admin@xexus.us, and I'll either fix or remove the link.