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Xexusville Arena
arena.xexus.net (Coming Soon)

Xexusville Arena is a MineCraft world (Adventure Mode) that includes an escape game and a multiplayer obstacle course.

The Obstacle Course is a race for at least two runners, and preferably one starter. Once the starting barriers drop, each runner makes their way through six simple challenges to see who can cross the finish line first. The winner gets to light up eyes of the idol, and watch the white beacon change to their winning color. The job of the third players is to set the game switches, start the game, and later reset the course for the next race.

Scattered throughout the arena, a variety of puzzles: Many are part of the Escape Game, but there are some that are just for fun, or to hint at the solution to a different puzzle. If you find all thirteen switches, you'll find a secret door to the Nether World.

I'm still finishing up on the finer details: in the meantime, please enjoy some slides from my most recent visit.