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  • Map Crunch Randomly Travel the World via Google Street View. No immunizations required.


  • GoProblems.com This is another useful resource for improving your Go. Thousands of Go Problems that will help you improve you game, and an active community to discuss strategy and tactics.
  • Sensei's Library Built on the PhpWiki platform, this is a "must bookmark" site for any Go Player who wants to learn more about the game.


  • Mr.HINT's Mystery House Chrome does a decent job at translating a web page to English, but doesn't translate flash elements. This page gives you a list of Japanese symbols, including numbers, colors and days of the week.


  • Weird Al Parodys and Polkas A listing of all Weird Al parodies. Not sure if that parody song you didn't illegally download was really written by Weird Al? Look for it here.

Networking Tools

  • WhatsMyIP.org A collection of Networking Tools that have a wide range of uses, including finding the IP address you are connecting from. Other tools include Traceroute, Ping, Port Scanners, MAC Address Lookups, Password Generator, and a RegExp testing.
  • Remoku.tv If you own a Roku, this page lets you control your Roku devices from your Desktop. Very useful for when the Roku remote goes AWOL.


  • Affordable Mobility Mark LaFlamme of Affordable Mobility has a long history in helping people overcome a wide variety of mobility challenges. Mark can find the best solution that fits both a person's needs and budget.

Web Design

  • W3Schools Tutorials on HTML5, CSS3, JS and JQuery, PHP, ASP, Bootstrap, SQL, and XML to name a few. Whether you're just learning or in need to reference forgotten code, this site is usually my first go to for learning various scripting languages.
  • Xexus.Us Xexus.Us is my base site offering email and web hosting, domain registration, and web design.

Links is a growing collection of tools and other links, organized into categories. Yep, exciting stuff happening here.

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