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Jigsaw Puzzle Escape

Hosted at http://www.amajeto.com/games/jigsaw_puzzle_escape_1/
Category: Escape

Jigsaw Puzzle Escape games are just as the title suggests ... a fun escape game that includes solving a few simple jigsaw puzzles. There are currently five puzzles from www.amajeto.com on their site. Try to solve them all!

Jigsaw Puzzle Escape 1
Jigsaw Puzzle Escape 2
Jigsaw Puzzle Escape 3
Jigsaw New Year
Spring Room Escape

  • If you find the the game window a little small for your eyes, press "Ctrl +" to zoom in. "Ctrl -" makes the screen smaller, and "Ctrl 0" put the screen back to the default size.

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Statues of Manchester NH

The Mill Girl

The Mill Girl can be found atop a set of steps that pass between two of the old Amoskeag mill buildings at the intersection of Stark and Commercial streets. Created by Antoinette Schultze, "Millie" was dedicated on Sept 9, 1988 to represent the 3385 women who worked in the textile mills during the Industrial Revolution.

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Affordable Mobility

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